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Caitlin Clark Is A Phenomenon

Photo: Matthew Holst

Dan Patrick: "Caitlin Clark, what she's done, is a phenomenon. She's a phenomenon. It's like Bo Jackson. Frank Gore has three or four times as many yards as Bo Jackson, but Bo Jackson was a phenomenon. Now, is it sustainable? Linsanity was a phenomenon. He couldn't extend it, but what he did, when he did it, how he did it, and where he did it gave those wow moments. Caitlin Clark has been great for 4 years and will be great in the WNBA, but this is a moment where you'll look back and say 'wow, I remember that.' Kelsey Plum didn't get this fanfare, but she didn't play this way. Now we're watching a female Steph Curry, and that's the phenomenon."

Dan Patrick reacts to Iowa's Caitlin Clark becoming the new all-time leading scorer in women's college basketball. Dan discusses the significance of Clark breaking the record and gives his thoughts on how Steph Curry has impacted Clark's success.