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Way Too Soon for Caitlin Clark-Michael Jordan Comparisons

Foto: Matthew Holst

Rob Parker: “I’m going to push back when a college female basketball player is put next to Michael Jordan...  that she’s Michael Jordan. There’s a lot more that has to happen. If she (Nancy Armour) told me that Caitlin (Clark) is going to go to the WNBA and turn that league into a rival of the NBA... if she was to move the needle in the WNBA to really make it to where people are watching, people are buying tickets and people are like all into it... now I would take a look and go my God she is like Michael Jordan but I find that hard to believe and I’m not in any way knocking her. I’m talking about comparing her to Michael Jordan at this point of her college career.”
Chris Broussard: “She (Caitlin) is having an incredible impact women’s college basketball... what draws me to women’s basketball is somebody dong something like so far and above everybody else that that makes me want to check it out. She has done that. I want to watch Caitlin Clark. I will be honest, women’s and men’s there’s not a college player right now that I would rather watch play than Caitlin Clark.”

The Odd Couples Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss what Caitlin Clark would need to accomplish in the WNBA to be compared to Michael Jordan. Listen to the full segment above!