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The NBA Wasted Their Opportunity

Photo: Stacy Revere

Dan Beyer and Monse Bolaños are filling in for Doug Gottlieb on The Doug Gottlieb Show and they react to last night’s abysmal NBA All-Star Game. The competition has been getting worse and worse every the years and they wonder if anybody is actually watching. And the worst part is that the NBA should be using this first weekend without football to showcase their sport, not trot out an unwatchable, uninteresting game nobody wants.

Dan Beyer: “It’s the first weekend of the offseason of the NFL. You know what that is? That is a golden opportunity for the NBA to say, ‘We got you...’ And you throw a product on the court that is so disinterest(ing) that even the fans don’t care.”

Monse Bolaños: “They literally don’t care. So if you guys don’t care, how do you expect the fans to care? And it’s gotten worse every year.”