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Anthony Rendon Says All the Wrong Things

Foto: Elsa

Covino & Rich are in for Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show this morning and they dissect Angels 3B Anthony Rendon’s latest comments which haven’t endeared him to fans. In his latest effort to alienate those fans, he says baseball has never been a top priority in his life and he treats it just like any other job. Steve Covino is incensed that a guy making millions to do a job most of us only dreamt about could be so ungrateful. Rich Davis, while not defending him, gives him some credit for at least being honest.

Steve Covino: “This guy’s living the dream and he downplays baseball? When a fan feels like they care more than the guy their rooting for, you’re leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I therefore hate you! Because you’re doing what we all dreamt of doing and you’re acting like you don’t care about it, and you’re making millions to do it!”

Rich Davis: “I just think that he’s answering honestly, but sometimes when you answer too honestly, he comes across as ungrateful...Anthony Rendon truly has not hit a homerun on the field or off the field with any statement he’s made.”