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Jason Whitlock Calls Stephen A. Smith a 'Fraud' and 'Pathological Liar'

Jason Whitlock: Stephen A., you’re not built for the position that you’ve been placed in. You’re there as a prop and a fraud. You’ve been installed because of your low character. Because of your comfort with dishonesty, your comfort with lying. This could have been put down a long time ago by just coming clean and responding to any of the half-dozen, dozen, legitimate questions that are raised in your memoir. How can you be respected as a journalist, an ‘arbiter of truth’ if you’re that comfortable telling lies and exaggerated stories about yourself, putting them in book form, and then going on interviews and exaggerating the lies even more? 
There are so many clips of you lying, exaggerating, distorting, and clearly talking ignorantly, foolishly, and deceptively about your own personal history. It calls into question EVERYTHING about yourself. Who publishes a memoir with no pictures? It's great they got the little Wilt Chamberlain photo of you in a jersey... But again we're the same age. I got so many pictures of my college days and I'm not even a picture taker, but my friends and people I went to school with got thousands of pictures of me at college. We were in college at the same time and you got NONE.
You're running around with some little midget named Gary Stephens pretending like ya'll were teammates at Winston-Salem State. This man played college basketball at some tiny school in New York, and ya'll are running around the country pretending like you were Winston-Salem State teammates. Just answer SOME of that, you don't have to talk about me, it's unnecessary. I didn't raise a bunch of questions about me and you. Instead of addressing the questions I’ve raised about YOU, you want everyone talking about me. The problem you got there is I'm very comfortable with everybody talking on me, lying on me, saying all kinds of exaggerated things about me because I’m actually built for it and standing on a truth that I couldn’t care less what ya’ll say.” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless torch ESPN studio host Stephen A. Smith for mentioning Whitlock's name at Chris ‘Mad Dog' Russo’s radio show during media week at the Super Bowl, despite Stephen A. previously pledging to his listeners that he was never going to discuss Whitlock name’s ever again. 

The beef began earlier this year while Stephen A. was marketing his newly published memoir titled ‘Straight Shooter’. Whitlock did a review of Smith's book on his Fearless show, and publicly admonishing the validity of it, calling into question the accuracy of Smith’s supposed background, and wondering if most, if not all of Smith’s storytelling was either highly exaggerated, or made up lies altogether.

Whitlock called Smith's entire recollection of his college basketball career at Winston-Salem State a lie, and challenged Smith to publicly to expound and clarify the staggering discrepancies of his mysterious career with the team.

Whitlock went on to name Smith when referencing the explosive Katt Williams interview on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast in January where the comedian called out some of the most successful actors and musicians in the entertainment industry. Williams singled out individuals who unexpectedly 'skipped the line' to experience metaphoric rises to fame despite having very little acclaim, and labeled them ‘plants’. Whitlock said Smith was an ESPN 'industry plant' and was purposely installed as a left-wing shill to push liberal narratives connected to stoking racial division and pushing the COVID-19 vaccine, in exchange for a lucrative career devoid of merit.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls Stephen A. a ‘pathological liar’, and a ‘low-character individual’, saying Smith has based his media career on ‘buffoonery’.

Here was Whitlock's full blast:

“Stephen A. Smith is low character. He’s a pathological liar. Someone that comfortable spewing dishonesty after dishonesty, stacking lie on top of lie – that is a low-character individual. That’s someone disconnected from truth. We should not be surprised that when called out on his lies, how does Stephen A. Smith respond and react... Did he act like someone who had some common sense? Some professionalism? Some class? A standard that he holds himself to? 
Could you imagine being at the top of an industry, one of the highest paid employees at the ‘worldwide leader in sports’ – someone questions the lies you told in your memoir, exposes the lies you told in your memoir, and your response is ‘I’M GONNA TAPE A 45-MINUTE PROFANITY-LACED DISS TAPE’... Virtually everything in this man’s memoir is suspect. EVERYTHING. 
 This wasn’t about one game and being on Winston-Salem State’s [basketball] roster, this was about everything in that memoir, including some arrest in Troy, Michigan where White co-workers abandoned him and he had to call some woman in Atlanta to get him out of jail in Troy, Michigan because he’s $9 short... A six-inch screw in his knee... This was just a ton of lies in a memoir. 
How can you be a ‘journalist’ and be this comfortable with lying? And your response isn’t ‘LET ME DISPUTE ANY OF THIS, LET ME APOLOGIZE, LET ME CLARIFY, LET ME PROVE WHITLOCK WRONG’... It’s to call Whitlock a bunch of names. He did that and got away with it because the entire culture has been corrupted. The entire sports media culture, the entire media culture, the entire American culture has been corrupted to the point no one cares about truth. No one has any legitimate expectations. 
Stephen A. Smith is a 56-year-old man who behaved like a 10-year-old child from a single parent home, and no one batted an eye. No one in the media called him out on it. The only person that called him out was Corey Holcomb. One of the two or three, if not the highest profile employee at ESPN makes a complete fool out of himself on tape for nearly an hour and the New York Times says nothing. New York Post says nothing. All the headlines were ‘STEPHEN A. SMITH FLAMES JASON WHITLOCK.’ No one writing headlines said ‘STEPHEN A. SMITH JUST MADE A FOOL OF HIMSELF, AND BEHAVED IN SUCH AN UNPROFESSIONAL MATTER, ESPN HAS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.’ 
No one said a word about that because they eliminated standards for Black men. They’re basically sending Black men the message ‘DO ANYTHING’... ‘If you wanna loot, if you wanna use drugs, if you wanna be profane, if you wanna make music that denigrates yourself, denigrates your mama, denigrates anything and everything Black before and after, DO IT.’ That’s the message. 
We shouldn’t be surprised when Stephen A. Smith is doing just that. They’ve been given their marching orders. They know what keeps the money flowing. BUFFOONERY. A lack of morals and character. That’s what keeps the money flowing for Black men. We saw them do this in the rap music industry. They totally perverted rap music and said we’re cutting a check and we’re selling any record that denigrates Black people. We want music about dealing drugs, banging strippers, disrespecting women, and killing n*****, that’s what we want the music to be about. All these little rappers that ya’ll idolize, and worship, and defend at all costs from Jay-Z to Tupac on down, they all cooperated and said ‘I’LL DO IT! CUT ME THE CHECK!’... And YOU went along with it. 
And now here they come to the sports media world. Stephen A. smith is doing the exact same thing while continuing to pretend like ‘I’LL NEVER TALK ABOUT JASON WHITLOCK AGAIN!’... This stuff is so embarrassing, and the fact no one in the media will touch it. The story is like ‘STEPHEN A. SMITH DISSES JASON WHITLOCK’... Not that Stephen A. Smith has made a fool of himself, acted like a gangster rapper, and made a fool out of ESPN."

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