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Antonio Pierce Said Nothing Wrong

Photo: Candice Ward

Las Vegas Raiders HC Antonio Pierce appeared on Maxx Crosby’s podcast and didn’t hold back when discussing the rivalry they have with the Kansas City Chiefs. He talked about hating the color red, treating Patrick Mahomes like the Detroit Pistons used to treat Michael Jordan, and cutting the head off the snake. Covino & Rich, in for Dan Patrick today, see nothing wrong with what Pierce had to say. He wasn’t talking about cheap shots or playing dirty, and his fiery rhetoric matches culture he’s developing in Vegas. Besides, it’s a sound strategy if they want to compete in the AFC West.

Steve Covino: “I kind of like that fire. Again, I feel it matches the vibe of the fanbase and the team.”

Rich Davis: “If you want to compete and derail what seems to be an unstoppable dynasty right now with the Chiefs, you need to go after (Patrick) Mahomes. Not hurt him; you need to get him!”