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Chris Broussard: “Micah Parsons is Out of His Depth!”

Cowboys LB Micah Parson went on The Stephen A. Smith Show and defended his QB Dak Prescott after receiving backlash from the media. Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate whether or not Micah is right or wrong to defend his QB

Chris Broussard: “Lamar Jackson has accomplished more than Dak, Josh Allen has accomplished more, Joe Burrow has been to a super bowl... Micah is being way to black and white and I think he is just trying to defend his quarterback, which I can respect but I mean heck Brock Purdy just went farther than Dak!”
Rob Parker: “It sounds like he’s a young guy who thinks he is more versed then he really is in this business. I don’t want to say the wrong word, but that’s what he sounds like!”