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Should Giannis Antetokounmpo Take Accountability for Bucks Shortcomings?

Photo: Stacy Revere

Bucks super star Giannis Antetokounmpo has been a topic of discussion ever since joining the NBA! The Greek Freak has had a very successful career but has come up short more than a couple of times with the Milwaukee Bucks. The Covino & Rich show with Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres in for Rich Davis and Steve Covino break down how the 2 time MVP will almost never get shade for the loses and debate whether or not Giannis should take responsibility for the Bucks short comings.

Dan Beyer: “Giannis does skate along on any of the issues happening in Milwaukee, we have never said Giannis is the problem there. What we have said is Adrian Griffin is the problem, Damien Lillard is the problem, now Doc Rivers is catching all the heat...Doc Rivers has been there for a cup of coffee and he’s already getting ripped on for what he’s done.”
Aaron Torres: “I like Giannis but that’s been his whole career I was on air when he lost in the bubble and the default conversation was where does Giannis have to go to get help and it’s always Khris Middleton fault or his teammate or whatever. There was certainly criticism when he won back-to-back MVPs and couldn’t get out of the Eastern Conference Finals, but it does feel like a LeBron situation where if he wins he gets all the credit and if he loses he gets none of the blame!”