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N.I.L. is B.S.

Photo: Stu Forster

EA Sports is offering $600 for players who will be featured in their videogame, “EA Sports College Football 25” and they are getting pushback for what many players consider to be a lowball offer. But Doug explains that the NCAA’s Name, Image and Likeness rules have given college athletes an over-inflated view of their own worth and he thinks that is perfectly reasonable compensation. But players have become accustomed to bigger paychecks from boosters and are now out of touch with the realities of basic economics.

“There is no R.O.I. in N.I.L., and N.I.L. is B.S., and this is a simple lesson in economics. And all the clamoring for the EA Sports college football 2025 game has hit a dead stop because players are saying, ‘I’m worth way more than that!’ And you’re not; you’re just not.”