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Chris Broussard: "Victor Wembanyama Will Be a Top Ten Player Next Year"

Photo: Stacy Revere

Chris Broussard: “He (Wembanyama) is probably the most touted prospect since LeBron James and when you look at the sheer praise of him... as far as what people are saying about Wembanyama, I don’t know if anyone since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who’s really had more praise.”
Chris Broussard: “The Spurs have the 3rd worst record in the league... but I tell you what, individually I’ve seen nothing to make me think he’s not as good as advertised or he won’t be as good as the projections. I feel like next year, he’s going to take a huge jump and probably be like a top ten player next year.”
Rob Parker: “I’m disappointed in how bad the team is and I’m not saying that’s all on him Chris but he’s a generational talent... with the numbers he’s putting up you would think he would have just a little bit more impact on the game. They lost 18 in a row. Chris, show me a spot where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar lost 18 in a row at any level, where Michael Jordan lost 18 in a row at any level or LeBron James lost 18 in a row at any level. I just can’t imagine of the all-time greats anybody losing at that clip.”

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker evaluate Spurs Rookie Center Victor Wembanyama 50 games into his NBA career. Listen to this full segment of The Odd Couple below!