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Rob Parker Rips Donovan Mitchell For Wanting Kyrie Irving's Number Retired

Rob Parker on Cleveland Cavaliers player Donovan Mitchell saying ex-Cavs star Kyrie Irving deserves to have his number retired by the franchise, as well as Kevin Love: “Here is the problem; we now live in the NBA participation trophy era. EVERYBODY is a Hall of Famer, EVERYBODY is a GOAT, EVERYBODY’S number should be retired, EVERYBODY should get a tribute video...
What is going on in the NBA and in sports where everybody wants to be crowned and given something? I don’t even get it. I’m not knocking Kyrie, he was a part of that team that came back from 3-1 when the Warriors choked and LeBron and them won a championship for Cleveland, the first one in 50 years, and you could commemorate that championship. But Kevin Love, and everybody and their uncle should get their number retired?? Why he didn’t he stop there? Why didn’t Kyrie get a statue out front next to LeBron??
It [getting your jersey retired] should be the ultimate compliment where somebody is synonymous with an organization. Kyrie has been on how many teams now, six? Do you really think of Kyrie as just a Cavalier? I get he has the championship trophy and made the big three [vs. Golden State in Game 7], and I’m not saying not to commemorate that team, but do you really, really feel like THAT is worthy of having your number retired? You have to have played for a team for a long time, had success, but be synonymous, where fans feel like this guy had the ultimate impact on an organization.
When they put LeBron’s statue out in front of the arena in Cleveland, in one hand he should have a basketball, and in the other hand he should have a suitcase, that would wrap up LeBron’s career!
When Kevin Durant went back to Brooklyn, remember – he demanded a trade, they gave him a tribute video. For what?? A tribute video?? He asked out, why would they give him a tribute video?? You can’t just start putting up jerseys because you want to sell tickets.” 

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple rip Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell for suggesting that the Cavaliers franchise should retire the numbers of former Cavs All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. 

Check out the segment above as Parker says we’re living in the ‘participation trophy’ era of the NBA, where it seems like every star expects to have their former franchises get on their hands and knees to offer them up tribute videos and jersey retirements despite them having quit or moved on from that franchise, and have not been there long enough to warrant eternal commemoration that should only be reserved for true franchise icons like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Tim Duncan.

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