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The WNBA Is Currently an Unviable Option for Caitlin Clark

Photo: David Berding

Rob Parker: “Everybody thinks she’s (Caitlin Clark) going to be the savior of the WNBA, she won’t. Not if women don’t start going to the games, watching the games to support this league. The average attendance for a WNBA game last year was 6,614 and guess what... they blame the guys that their league isn’t succeeding...could not be more untruthful.”
Rob Parker: “My only point is that it’s a shame that Caitlin Clark doesn’t have an outlet for someone who’s so electric who’s going to set the all-time record not just for women, for men and women... incredible... and there’s no viable place at home. She will have to go abroad to make real money.”

The Odd Couple’s Rob Parker explains what needs to happen for the WNBA to be a viable option for Iowa superstar G Caitlin Clark. Listen to the full segment below!