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Rob Parker: LeBron Reaching 40K Doesn’t Change the GOAT Narrative

Photo: Ethan Miller

Rob Parker: “I’m not trying to bash him... but it’s a longevity thing. For the people that think he’s the G.O.A.T or he’s that guy, it’s one thing they can say well he’s got 40,000 points, oh he won the In-Season Tournament, oh his son is going to be drafted in the NBA draft. Whatever it is to cover up the 6 Finals losses and that he only has 4 and had to put together a dream team in order get the 2 he won. If you’re a LeBron fan, you love it because it’s something else you could use to push back on Michael Jordan.”
Rob Parker: “People always say oh you hate LeBron, I think he’s the 2nd greatest player of all time. How do I hate a guy? I’m not like Paul Pierce or some of these former players who have him 10th or 11th and not in their top 10. That’s where there’s some sort of bias.”

Rob Parker explains why he believes LeBron’s latest longevity milestone will not elevate him as the greatest basketball player ever. Listen to this full segment of The Odd Couple below!