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Victor Wembanyama is Changing the Game

Photo: Brien Aho

Dan Patrick: "Victor Wembanyama is fun to watch. He's changing the game. I saw Ralph Sampson play, and Ralph maybe could have been this but he had injuries. You're watching a really, really highly skilled basketball player. Not a highly skilled big man, a highly skilled basketball player. But he plays on a bad team, and they do need him to score. That's the hard part. You've got a car with a great engine, but it's got flat tires and it's all banged up. That's the Spurs. Wembanyama is a Lamborghini engine, but the rest of the car is a Pinto. It's a Hornet."

Dan Patrick reacts to Spurs rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama capping off an excellent month with an impressive showing against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Dan breaks down how Wembanyama is already becoming a transformative player in the NBA, putting on game-changing performances on a nightly basis despite being the centerpiece of one of the weakest teams in the league.