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Making Sense Of The CFP Format Changes

Ohio State v Michigan

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Brian Noe: “ I don’t understand why, if more times than not you would have an SEC team or a Big Ten team earn a first round bye, why would that need to be pre-determined? Just earn it on your own! Can you imagine if they did this in the NFL? Like, whoever wins the AFC West gets a bye, and whoever wins the NFC East gets a bye…and the 49ers have the best record in the NFL? Nope, sorry, the winner of the NFC East automatically gets the bye! That makes no sense!”
Dan Beyer: “It would be predetermined that the Big 12 gets two automatic qualifiers in the bracket before the season even begins! That sounds absurd! The Big 12, no matter how crappy your conference may be…you’re not only gonna get one with a champion, but you’re also getting another team in there! The SEC or Big Ten may have 5 or 6 schools better than the 2nd best team in the Big 12!”

On this edition of Fox Sports Sunday, Dan Beyer and Brian Noe discussed the possible changes to the College Football Playoff format, the creation of automatic byes for two specific conferences, and whether or not it makes any sense!