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Chris Broussard Says Michael Jordan Texted Him Raving About Anthony Edwards

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Chris Broussard: “Anthony Edwards is reminiscent of a guy that used on dunk on everybody... Dikembe Mutombo – GOT HIM. Alonzo Mourning – GOT HIM. Patrick Ewing – GOT HIM. Shaq – GOT HIM. And of course that would be none other than Michael Jordan. Anthony Edwards is drawing comparisons to Michael Jordan. Patrick Beverley has said it, other people have said it, and I reached out to the GOAT himself, yes, MJ, today via text, and he told me he does indeed see the similarities in his game and Anthony Edwards’ game.
There’s two types of players who get compared to Michael Jordan. There’s those that people think can maybe be the GOAT, and that’s LeBron. His game is nothing like Michael Jordan’s but he was compared to Mike because ‘Can he be better? Can he be as good?’ Anthony Edward is the other type where stylistically they get compared to Michael Jordan. As great as we think Anthony Edwards’ future can be, none of us are thinking he’s going to be the GOAT or even in that conversation, but here are the stylistic similarities I see...
Obviously the high-flying elements of his game, dunking on people, aggressive... Two, he loves to play defense. We saw it with Team USA, we saw it this year, the Timberwolves are a top 2 defensive team in the league. Yes, you have Gobert but you also have Anthony Edwards getting after it on the perimeter. Three, he loves to play, he ain’t trying to load manage. I remember talking to Michael Jordan about the NBA lowering the season from 82 games, and he couldn’t understand. He was almost offended ‘how can players want the 82 games lessened??’ He wanted to play every night and you can see by his record he played almost every night when he wasn’t hurt, and Anthony Edwards is like that too. We saw that last night. He dislocates his finger, goes into the locker room, gets it popped back into place, taped, and then goes back into the game. A lot of guys this day in age would have been like ‘we’ll get them another day, I'm chilling.’ He went out there, and has said he doesn’t want to ‘load manage.’ He’s charismatic and all that too. Those are some similarities I do see with him and Michael Jordan.” 

Chris Broussard of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple says he reached out to NBA legend Michael Jordan shortly after Anthony Edwards’ highlight reel dunk of the year nominee Monday night on Utah Jazz forward John Collins, and says Jordan told him that he sees a lot of similarities in the games between Edwards and himself from the 1980s and 1990’s when Jordan was one of the league’s fiercest dunkers and relentless on-ball defenders.

Check out the segment above as Broussard details the four most profound similarities between the 22-year-old Edwards and prime MJ, as Edwards is quickly becoming one of the most popular players in the league.

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