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You Really Want a Gold Medal? Sabotage Booty.

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In response to Olympic organizers sending over 300,000 condoms to Paris for this Summer's Olympic Games, the guys discuss an undercover plan called "Sabotage Booty" that could help the US or really any country, land as many Gold Medals as possible.

Rich Davis: I think someone should send in, “Sabatoge Booty” You want the Gold? What do you want to do? You distract the opponent. What if we compiled all the top tier strippers, OnlyFans girls, & everything else just to distract the opponents.
Steve Covino: "It's your reason to go to Spearmint Rhino. Your wife or girlfriend asks you about all those charges on your card, and you can say, 'I am being a Patriot. I am doing right by our country, I’m scouting hot women to sabotage other countries."