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Chris Broussard & Rob Parker Finally Give Jerry Jones His Flowers

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Chris Broussard and Rob Park finally give Jerry Jones credit for wising up and not giving into QB Dak Prescott’s long term 60 million contract extension! The guy’s debate what’s next for Dak and whether or not the QB could ever see that type of money with or without a super bowl!

Chris Broussard: “Do I think Dak is going to win a super bowl within the next 5 years... I say no, but I’m not saying he can’t! I’m of the perspective that there is value of being relevant and being in the mix every year. It’s painful in the moment, but there is still a value there, it’s a business. EVERY team doesn’t win!”
Rob Parker: “I’m a little shocked because the Cowboys always get it wrong and I think finally if you’re a Cowboy’s fan you have to feel good about this, BUT Jerry might cave at the last second because he is known to CAVE!”