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It’s Not Sexist to Criticize Caitlin Clark

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Iowa Women’s Basketball star, Caitlin Clark was caught on camera sharing some choice words with a referee and she has been criticized for her behavior. Some of her supporters, however, are claiming a double standard for Caitlin and believe she is being singled out because she is a woman. Doug thinks any man would who behaved the same way would get the same treatment and cries of sexism are way off base. He and his news anchor, Monse Bolaños, get into a heated debate that you don’t want to miss.

Doug Gottlieb: “If we can’t be critical when they are not behaving at the proper level, especially when they’re in the spotlight, then all you’re doing is recreating what you say you’re trying to get out of, which is like, ‘Hey, we don’t want to be treated different.’ Yes, you do…You’re saying, ‘Hey, you can’t be critical of us. You have to only support us. You have to have loving praise for us. And the second that you’re in any way critical of us, we’re done with you. You’re a male chauvinist. You don’t like women’s sports. You’re anti-women’s sports.’ That’s what it feels like.”