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Chris Broussard: The New NFL Kickoff Rule is Terrific

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Chris Broussard: “Now they have the new rule where the receiving team will start at the 35 yard line... the kicking team will line up at the 40 (yard line)and then when the ball is kicked off, the players cannot move until the ball hits the ground or it is caught by the return man. I love the idea. They did this in the XFL last year. I think the kickoff is one of the most exciting plays in football, now obviously not just your random kickoff but the ones where they are returned deep or for a touchdown.”
Chris Broussard: “A kickoff return for a touchdown is about as exciting as it gets for football so I’m glad that they are bringing it back and I also think it does successfully limit the possibility of injury, of course in football you can get injured on any play but this certainly limits it because guys aren’t running full speed for very long so the collisions won’t be as damaging as they were before so I think it’s a terrific rule.”

Chris Broussard and Martin Weiss talk about the NFL’s new kickoff rule on the latest episode of The Odd Couple. Listen to the full segment below!