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Steve Covino: LeBron’s Feet Are Busted

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Steve Covino: “Google image search LeBron James’ feet. Those things are busted. He’s a great player but man he’s got some wear and tear on those bad boys.”
Steve Covino: “We have done a lot of research throughout the years and one of our fun go-to man on the street interview questions was hey would you give up sex if it meant your team won the championship that year. You’ll be surprised how many people would be willing to give that up for a full year just to see their team win.”
Rich Davis: “People would give up dating, people would give up women, I think we said would you take a pay cut at your job if it meant your team won and a lot of people are so passionate, they would say yes to these things.”
Rich: “If I say massage LeBron’s feet... it’s embarrassing and degrading to be like yo you’re the guy who massages LeBron’s feet for a championship but what if they win the championship in this dumb hypothetical and you’re sort of thanked like and I couldn’t have done it without Covino’s foot rubs.”

Steve Covino and Rich Davis discuss LeBron’s recent sore feet comment and how passionate fans are willing to make sacrifices to see their favorite team to win. Listen to the full segment above!