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Draymond Green Is Becoming More Trouble Than He’s Worth

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Golden State Warriors problem child, Draymond Green got ejected in the first quarter of their game last night arguing about a call he wasn’t even involved in and Dan wonders how long before he is no longer worth the trouble he causes. We rarely discuss him in regard to his play on the court anymore; it’s usually about his ridiculous antics. He still has value in the league, but Golden State needs to consider the future of their collapsing dynasty.

Dan Patrick: “They’re not good enough. They just can’t turn it on and off the way they used to. I mean. It’s a dynasty that’s holding on by its fingertips here. Are they dangerous? Yeah, sometimes they’re dangerous to themselves. But you’re watching that, you just go...does anybody say to Draymond: you gotta stop this? Do they keep him next year?”