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It’s Not Racist to Dislike the LSU Women’s Basketball Team

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LSU Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Kim Mulkey fired back after a controversial LA Times article portrayed her and her Tigers squad as “evil” and “dirty debutantes.” LSU G Hailey Van Lith says they’re being profiled because many of the players on the team are black but Doug explains why the race card is inappropriate in this situation. He reminds LSU players and fans that this team and its head coach have a documented history of poor behavior on and off the court, and the reality that they are widely disliked has nothing whatsoever to do with race.

Doug Gottlieb: “If you talk trash, not everybody is going to like you, lots of people won’t. There’s a way to handle yourself like champions. You haven’t. And the idea that it’s your opinion and a fact that people are racist because they’re pointing out how unlikable you are not likeable, no one likes you! And it’s not because of your basketball; it’s because of how you act and how your coach acts, and how she’s treated people along her path.”