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Jason Smith: “I Never Thought Kim Mulkey Would Be The Reason LSU Loses!”

Photo: Sarah Stier

Jason Smith & Mike Harmon break down the LSU Vs IOWA match-up today letting us know what they took from the game, breaking down Caitlin Clark’s dominance and Kim Mulkey’s contributions to the fall of LSU!

Jason Smith: “I can’t understand the philosophy of putting Hayley Van Lith on Caitlin Clark; I know she was sick, but she was AWFUL tonight... What’s worse is that Kim Mulkey just stuck with it, you have to figure out a point and say, ‘Ok this strategy we are going with it is NOT working!’”
Mike Harmon: "In this case you have someone that is giving up the height, she’s not well, and her offensive game went to hell as well! It just compounded on itself!”