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DJ Burns Jr.: Not Opposed to Football, but Basketball Comes First

Photo: Carmen Mandato

North Carolina State F, DJ Burns Jr. joins the show as he prepares for their Final Four matchup against Purdue this Saturday. He says it took a while but they finally started clicking at just the right time. He talks about what it’s like to be famous now that he is blowing up in the tourney. He says they have a game plan for dealing with Purdue C Zach Edey but he’s not about to share it before the game. And he’s keeping an open mind about changing sports, but only after he pursues a career in hoops.

Dan Patrick: “Are you starting to feel famous?”

DJ Burns Jr.: “Sadly, yes, yes sir. I do like it but sometimes it can be a bit much especially at a time like this.”

Dan Patrick: “Would football be something that you would at least think about playing?”

DJ Burns Jr.: “I mean, I’d probably explore some other options with basketball first before all of that, but I’m not a closed-minded person.”