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Edwin Diaz's Talent is Being Wasted on the Mets

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On today's episode of Covino and Rich, the guys discuss how different athletes are in situations where their talent is being wasted. They talk about Mike Trout on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim & Justin Herbert on the Los Angeles Chargers, before they take a deeper dive on Edwin Diaz, the closer on the New York Mets.

Rich Davis: “Watching the lowly Mets, seeing Edwin Diaz come out of the bullpen. What a waste. Teams like the Dodgers, Yankees, Braves, they would die for this guy. He is the most exciting dominant closer that's in the prime of his career. You can’t hit this guy. Will it matter? No.”
Steve Covino: "One of the saddest things in life is wasted talent, we learned that from the movie A Bronx Tale. Edwin Diaz is definitely wasting his talent with the Mets."