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Lisa Bluder: Caitlin Clark Has Come at the Perfect Time

Photo: Alika Jenner

Iowa Women’s Head Basketball Coach, Lisa Bluder stops by the day after advancing to the Final Four of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Her voice is feeling the effects of a season of coaching and she talks about what she learned from last year’s Final Four appearance. And she talks about keeping Caitlin Clark humble while believing she has come at the perfect time to help women’s hoops explode around the country.

Dan Patrick: “When’s the last time you yelled at Caitlin (Clark)?”

 Lisa Bluder: “Probably last night. I haven’t seen her yet this morning so, not yet today.”

 Dan Patrick: “Wait, how could you yell at her after last night’s game?”

 Lisa Bluder: “’Cause she’s Caitlin! Got to keep her humble.”