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Jason Smith Floats a Conspiracy Theory to Watch For in Iowa vs. UConn

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Jason and Mike look ahead to the highly-anticipated women's hoops tournament matchup between Iowa and UConn. Conspiracy theories suggesting the NCAA wants to make sure Caitlin Clark is in the championship game are running rampant, so Jason shares some interesting telltales to look out for in order to truly put these conspiracies to the test.

Jason Smith: "What's the one thing about UConn coming into this game? They're shorthanded; they're not healthy. They play like six of their players... So let's see what the whistles are like in the first 10 minutes of the game. Let's see if UConn winds up in early foul trouble. Because clearly if they blow the whistles a ton early on, that's going to favor Iowa because Iowa is deeper while UConn is not... Are we gonna see a couple of Huskies pick up fouls early? Watch the first 10-12 minutes of the game, and we'll see what kind of whistles are being blown."