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Rob Parker: Lebron is Wrong About What's Driving Interest in Women's Hoops

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On his new podcast with J.J. Redick, LeBron James recently made the point that a big reason the women's college basketball game has been gaining so much momentum in contrast with the men's game is because the best women players stay in college longer than the best men players. He argued that this allows the iconic players to grow their stardom and become more recognizable over multiple years. Chris and Rob react and weigh in with their own thoughts on a brand new edition of The Odd Couple.

Rob Parker: "I don't agree that it's because women have to stay longer. I didn't watch Caitlin Clark her freshman and sophomore years -- I only knew about her last year and this year... [The growth itself] is because of Caitlin Clark! It's always about the great players. We didn't need Carmelo Anthony to play four years in college -- he played one year, had a championship run and everyone watched! This is only JuJu [Watkins]'s freshman year -- we know she's a great young player, so we watch her! It doesn't have anything to do with building a legacy in college, it's all about somebody emerging."