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Jason Smith: Iowa vs UConn Ending Leads to Worst Call of the Sports Year

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Jason Smith: “That’s the thing that gets me about this is that this whistle is blown right away and this is why conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day and I can’t disagree with them because of course all the networks want Caitlin Clark. Of course the networks want Caitlin Clark in the championship game. This whistle was blown so fast like they were looking for it... like when this happens I‘m going to blow the whistle for this foul... and you saw a lot of screens were set all night. You had to watch Nika Muhl run around all types of screens to try to stay on Caitlin Clark, they (Iowa) were setting 3 or 4 screens per play.”

Jason Smith: “You don’t want the official to decide a game, you don’t want to be talking about the officials following a game and when you are talking this much about the officials, you know the wrong call was made. When I have to see players with no skin in the game at all have to say you don’t blow the whistle in that situation, I know we are on the right side of it.”

Jason Smith gives his analysis of the controversial ending to the NCAAW National Semifinal matchup that lead to Iowa advancing to the National Championship game for the 2nd year in a row. Listen to the full segment below!