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No, the UConn Huskies Wouldn’t Make the NBA Playoffs

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Legendary broadcast Mike Greenberg made a comment last week saying he thought the UConn Huskies were good enough to make the NBA Playoffs. While Greenie later backtracked and said he was only joking, Dan Patrick decided to do his due diligence and reached out to his contacts at Draft Kings for answers. Dan wanted to simplify it and simply asked them to provide a hypothetical betting line for a single game against the worst team in the NBA, the Detroit Pistons. The line on that game might surprise you and Dan shares it here.

Dan Patrick: “Draft Kings decided they would come up with a point spread for me if the UConn Men’s team played the Detroit Pistons...It’s interesting to think about that, but then when you factor in reality, which is what Draft Kings is doing, all they want to do is get it right.”