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John Calipari Was "Fired" Without Getting Fired By Kentucky

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Rob Parker: "Kentucky made it clear that they weren't happy with what had gone on there as of late. That's why he looked for another job, to spare him the embarrassment. He forfeited $33 million. It doesn't even make sense to take a pay cut to go to Arkansas. They didn't have to say they didn't want you, they made you feel like you weren't wanted, enough where you've got to get out of there. The fans are sick of him. You can't sit here and say that this was you're doing and you decided to move on because you got a better deal at Arkansas. No! They didn't want you at Kentucky. This is a nice spin, it feels good. This is not a promotion."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to John Calipari leaving Kentucky to become the new head coach at Arkansas. The guys explain why Calipari had no choice but to leave Kentucky due to the toxic atmosphere surrounding the program after multiple years of tournament failure. The guys break down how Coach Cal was fired despite never formally being fired by Kentucky.