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Kentucky Should Make a Gigantic Offer to Dan Hurley

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Jason Smith: "The only question left at this point: how much money does Kentucky offer Danny Hurley? After losing John Calipari, you can't just say 'we're going to get the next up-and-coming coach, Nate Oates might be good.' This is Kentucky. You're going from a guy with Final Fours, a national title... you're not saying 'this is our next guy,' you're saying 'we want someone that knows what it takes to get to the top of the mountain, we're about championships.' If I'm Kentucky, I call Hurley and say 'how much do you want? We will buy you out. You want $15 million a year?' Danny Hurley is the only guy you would do that for."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to UConn repeating as national champions after beating Purdue on Monday night. Jason explains why he believes the University of Kentucky will be aggressive in attempting to lure Head Coach Dan Hurley away from Connecticut, as opposed to opting for a more conventional choice with an up-and-coming head coach from a smaller program.