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Was This Caitlin Clark’s 15 Minutes of Fame?

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There can be no question that Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark has forever changed the perception of women’s college basketball around this country, elevating the sport to levels it has never seen before. Covino & Rich, who are in for Dan Patrick today, have nothing but respect for Clark and all she has accomplished, but they wonder if her fame will carry over to the next level when she plays in the WNBA. In other words, are we still going to be talking about her a year from now?

Steve Covino: “Everybody is all excited about Caitlin Clark and college basketball but when she hits the WNBA, what’s going to happen then? That’s the real test.”

Rich Davis: “She has elevated women’s basketball I think to a level now where; mission accomplished! Intrigue is there more and the game has grown. But I just wonder, Caitlin Clark herself, is she going to be a part of any conversation we have a year from now?"