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Gatekeeping a UConn "Alumnus"

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Covino & Rich have taken over the reins this morning as Dan is still on vacation, and they get into it about the qualifications for calling yourself an alumnus after an old friend jumped on the UConn bandwagon during their amazing back-to-back National Championships. Rich is gatekeeping his buddy who took online classes at UConn while Covino thinks Rich is out of his mind. Hilarity ensues...

Rich Davis: “If you haven’t been drunk on the campus, haven’t slept with someone on the campus, or know the local bars and restaurants on the campus...”

Steve Covino: “How do you know he didn’t sleep with somebody on the campus? Maybe he just can’t tell you?”

Rich Davis: “...You can’t say, ‘Oh, I’m alumni,’ because you got your Masters (online).”

Steve Covino: “What do you mean? You should take this theory and shove it!”