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Hornets Interviewing Lindsey Harding Reeks of the “Rooney Rule”

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The NBA G-League Coach of the Year, Lindsey Harding is getting an interview for the open head coaching position for the Charlotte Hornets and Doug is confused about why she has been singled out for this opportunity, especially when other former G-League Coaches of the Year didn’t get the same consideration. He wonders if they aren’t skipping steps in the process simply to satisfy a desire to appear inclusive.

Doug Gottlieb: “I think it’s great they’re interviewing the G-League Coach of the Year. But we can also be honest with this and say, OK, are they doing it because they think (Lindsey Harding) should be a head coach? She’s broken through as a woman who can coach men and done a good job, but man, we’re skipping steps in the NBA, aren’t we? It feels like we’re doing the ‘Rooney Rule.’”