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Rob Parker: UConn is Not a Blue Blood Program

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The NCAA men's and women's basketball championships both wrapped up this past weekend, and the women's game outperformed the men's game in viewership numbers for the first time ever. Chris and Rob react to the milestone, with Rob viewing it as a clear indication that UConn, despite their six championships, simply cannot be considered a "blue blood" program. Chris disagrees, attributing it more to the lack of recognizable stars in the men's game.

Rob Parker: "[The ratings] tell you that UConn is not a blue blood! If they're truly a blue blood, how in the world did people not tune in to see a team win back-to-back for the first time [in almost two decades]?... You can't tell me if Duke or North Carolina or Kentucky was going for back-to-back, they wouldn't have pulled bigger ratings. They absolutely would have! Because those are the blue bloods!"
Chris Broussard: "Let's say it was North Carolina... I cannot say for certain that I agree with you that the numbers would have been better. I just think that's the state of men's college basketball right now. There's no star!"