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Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate Tom Brady's Comeback Comments

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On today’s episode of The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, Chris and Rob react to Tom Brady’s statement on a podcast that he wouldn’t be opposed to coming back to the NFL if a team called him.

Rob Parker: It’s pathetic and nonsensical. I feel bad for people like him who can’t let go. Obviously there’s a part of him that hasn’t been fulfilled, and it just seems like he just wants to go back to the being the center of attention.
Chris Broussard: I totally disagree. In life, he’s a fairly young man, I think he’s all but begging to get back in the league, he clearly wants to play. Tom Brady is not stupid, he knows it’s going to become a huge story.  He even threw out a few teams. . . . If the guy wants to play and he’s still good enough, then he can play.