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Covino & Rich React To NBA Playoff Push Heating Up!

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Steve Covino & Rich Davis break down the Lakers predicament going into the play in and debate whether or not fans want to see their team playing a higher seeded or stronger team in the playoffs or if they are just happy that they get to see their team play past the regular season!

Rich Davis: “There are teams in the post season that know they are not going to win the whole thing. They may have that confidence but they aren’t going to win... those teams probably don’t want to draw the best teams they want to have a little bit of a playoff run! The young team that wants to get some reps doesn’t want to play Denver and now it’s looking like the Lakers are playing Denver if they win.”
Steve Covino: “These are the ultimate competitors they believe in themselves! They don’t see people like LeBron the way we do, they just see him as another competitor... I think the fans look at it from a strategy point and the players don’t. Their mindset and job is to lace them up and just go!”