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Jason Whitlock: Hate Towards Caitlin Clark is Being Flamed to Boost Ratings

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Jason Whitlock: “I'm scrolling through Twitter, and I see this billboard 'THE GOAT VS. THE ROOKIE’ and it's a big image of Diana Taurasi and a little silhouette image of Caitlin Clark. ‘Caitlin Clark vs. Diana Taurasi June 30th' and immediately I was like ‘oh, man I can't wait to watch that’, and then I remembered ‘it's the WNBA, I'm not watching that’, but I that's when it just dawned on me like -- they're playing a game with us. This is WWE. That’s all this is. This is a gimmick to trigger guys like me that like Caitlin Clark, and now they want me to hate Diana Taurasi, Breanna Stewart, and all these old heads, and it's working because there's a chance I'm going to watch this game on June 30th. We're being played here. 
Show me anywhere where veterans have been talking about rookies in the NBA or the NFL? Take Lynette Woodard going to Iowa and taking the invitation to be courtside when she breaks the record, and then being caught on camera somewhere ‘accidentally’ taking a potshot at Caitlin Clark. I think she did it intentionally knowing someone was going to take cellphone footage and get it put. Sheryl Swoopes – I’m starting to think this is a PsyOp. All the over-the-top hatred towards Caitlin Clark is actually a brilliant marketing strategy for the WNBA, that’s what I’m arguing.  
Women are catty but they love to pretend they’re not, and so them talking trash about Caitlin Clark behind the scenes and hating her guts behind the scenes makes perfect scene. All of this public animus, Angel Reese sub-tweeting all during the game basically insinuating the game is rigged for Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese doing the [ring celebration] led to monster ratings and it led to Angel Reese being a bigger star. I’m saying this stuff is calculated and it’s working. 
There was never a chance of me watching a WNBA game, and now there’s a 10%, maybe 20% chance I’m going to watch because they’ve triggered an emotion in me like ‘I don’t like them.’ They just need me to feel something about Diana Taurasi because I used to feel nothing. And so ‘OH, ANIMUS? THAT WORKS! AND HE LIKES CAITLIN CLARK?? THAT WORKS EVEN BETTER!” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless compare women’s basketball to the WWE, and explain why he thinks the constant viral vitriol towards former Iowa Hawkeyes superstar Caitlin Clark is actually being artificially manufactured to draw more eyeballs to Clark’s pursuit towards potentially becoming the greatest player in women’s basketball history. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details his theory on how the marketing and promotion of the June 30th matchup between the Indiana Fever and Phoenix Mercury – the first time Clark and Diana Taurasi will be on the court together – was scripted from the beginning. 

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