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Rob Parker: “Jackie Robinson’s Wife Can NOT Remarry!”

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Rob Parker and Chris Broussard give their respect to the late great Jackie Robinson and debate a topic that many have never even began to think of! Jackie Robinson’s wife, Rachel Robinson became a widow in 1972 after Jackie succumbed to the effects of heart disease and diabetes. Rachel went on to never remarry causing the guys to debate whether or not celebrity wives or partners feel the pressure to never remarry or change their married name!  

Rob Parker: “I thought to myself it makes sense, I think there are certain woman or people that are married to really famous people who probably can’t get married again or take someone else’s last name. I don’t mean they are unable to, but philosophically you know what I mean... It doesn’t mean she didn’t have a partner or whatever!”
Chris Broussard: “I disagree, it’s just not fair! If they choose not to get married then that’s fine, but it’s not fair to say you can’t, and I know you mean in a philosophical sense saying, ‘Hey you were married to Jackie Robinson or Martin Luther King so you can’t get married,’ but why not especially now that’s chauvinistic!”