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The Masters Is No Longer Appointment Viewing

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Scottie Scheffler dominated the field at the Masters over the weekend, winning by four strokes and securing his second Green jacket while the sport is losing popularity. The rise of the LIV Tour has watered down the competition and we aren’t seeing any new rivalries developing, and while Scheffler looks unbeatable at the moment, there’s nobody who can carry the sport with the charisma that Tiger Woods possessed. Doug and his news anchor, Dan Beyer break down the decline of golf.

Dan Beyer: “Golf’s never going to be the same, and it hasn’t had a lot of momentum, and I think people were hoping that the Masters was going to save that and bring that back, and I’m not sure if it did this weekend.”

Doug Gottlieb: “It was no longer appointment; sit down on my couch viewing.”