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Jason Smith: It's Time For the Warriors to Break Up Their Dynasty Core

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Jason and Mike react to the Warriors falling to the Sacramento Kings in the Play-In Tournament and ponder the question: is it time for Golden State to blow up its dynasty core?

Jason Smith: "This is it. This needs to be the end of the Warriors era as we know them. Big changes have to happen for next season. What is going on now clearly is not enough. If you can't get out of the play-in round, what does that tell you?... You're an old team. You're relying on three guys that are in their thirties for a lot of it. If you're going to remake this team, this is where you need to find another destination for Draymond, find a new destination for Klay Thompson, and [bring in someone new] for Steph so they aren't the odd man out of that championship three... If you're a free agent and you visit Golden State, you wonder, are these three guys running everything? It seems like they run everything. Do I really wanna go there and be the outsider?... Honestly, they've held on [to this core] for too long. They didn't want to pull the plug because these three players mean so much to the organization and the city."