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Jason Smith: “The NBA Season Is Too Long!”

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Jason Smith and Mike Harmon both react to Zion Williamson and Jimmy Butler going down with injuries not even two games into the NBA Play-In Tournament. The guys correlate the injures to the newly extended 82 game season and debate whether or not the NBA really needs to be putting their players at risk with longer seasons!

Jason Smith: “We are not even two nights done with the NBA Play-In Tournament and already two of the best players in the league are already done, Zion and Jimmy Butler. The season is too long it’s too much basketball you don’t need a 82 game regular season, you are asking guys to do too much!”
Mike Harmon: “The last couple of years we have had a number of these players go down, but I guess we can go every year and just decide alright what’s critical mass in that regard, an 82 game schedule?!”

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu