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The Warriors Didn’t Get Their Money’s Worth

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The Golden State Warriors failed to make it into the NBA Playoffs after earning the 10th seed in the Western Conference and losing to the Sacramento Kings in the Play-in game last night. With the largest payroll in the NBA and future Hall of Fame shooting guard Klay Thompson set to become a free agent, they have some big decisions to make in the offseason. They could re-sign Thompson and make one last run at a title or scrap the whole thing, trade Steph Curry and rebuild from scratch, or anything in between.

Dan Patrick: “Can you make one more run for Steph Curry? What’s it going to cost you? I think that’s the question you have to ask because if you have Steph, and Steph’s going to cost you 55 million dollars, and you still have Draymond Green there, do you bring back Klay (Thompson) and say, ‘Let’s try it one more time.’ I guess that would be probably the decision that they’ll have to mull over here...Nobody spends more money than Golden State, but you didn’t get your money’s worth for a 10 seed that’s now out of the playoffs.”