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The Warriors Need a DNR

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The Golden State Warriors we eliminated from the NBA Play-in Tournament last night, getting rolled by the Sacramento Kings. Doug thinks it’s past time they gave up on the idea that they can somehow resuscitate their dynasty and make another run at a title. They got swept last season and weren’t competitive in their elimination game last night, and now it’s time to break up the band.

Doug Gottlieb: “Yeah, it’s over. And it probably was over last year when they got swept by the Lakers. It probably was over last year. Somebody should have a DNR on the Warriors. It sucks to have a DNR but sometimes you’re in a better place, right? Let Klay (Thompson) go to the Lakers (and) play for the team his dad broadcasts from. Trade Draymond Green away. But whatever you do, don’t act like this dynasty’s still going. It’s over.”