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Gregg Doyle’s Comments Toward Caitlin Clark were Unprofessional

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Rob Parker: “Chris, if this was a female columnist who did that to a player who was going to the (Indiana) Pacers, people would be like what is this. I don’t understand what he was trying to do; trying to be too cute, trying to be too much... it just felt too awkward and inappropriate to me.”

Chris Broussard: “If a female (reporter) said to LeBron James, did a heart sign and was like if you do that to me we’ll be good.”

Rob Parker: “She would probably get fired.”

Rob Parker: “I just think he was trying to be too cute and become a part of the press conference. It isn’t about you that day.”

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker explain why Indy Star columnist Gregg Doyle’s comments toward Caitlin Clark were inappropriate during the latest episode The Odd Couple. Listen to the full segment below!