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How Will Jontay Porter’s Gambling Affect the Lakers/Nuggets Series?

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Toronto Raptors F Jontay Porter has been banned from the NBA after he was found to have gambled on NBA games, including bets against his own team and his own performance. Dan wonders if this is truly a “lifetime” ban and is seeking clarification from the league. But the real question is for Jontay’s brother Michael Porter Jr. who plays for the Denver Nuggets and is set to face the Lakers in the first round of the Playoffs. Dan thinks it’s fair to ask if he knew about his brother’s gambling and whether any of this drama will affect his performance on the court.

Dan Patrick: “How does this affect Michael Porter Jr. the third, who plays for the Nuggets, and his brother is Jontay Porter? I mean, what did he know? I mean, you gotta ask the question!”