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Nikola Jokic Could Be On The Verge Of Joining The NBA's Top 10 Players Ever

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Rob Parker: "Without a doubt, the Joker is playing for a spot in the Top 10 in the NBA....for this guy to be on the verge of 3 out of 4 MVP's, no All-Star teammates, how could we look at this guy and not put him in the Top 10!
Chris Broussard: "He could be on the verge of cracking the Top 10, but he needs to win more than just two titles, nobody in my Top 10 has just two titles!

On this episode of The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, Chris and Rob talk about Nikola Jokic in this seasons playoffs and why he can make a huge mark on his legacy going forward. The guys debate about why Jokic could become one of the Top 10 NBA Players of All-Time depending on how successful he is in the playoffs this year.