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USC Still Frosty Despite Reggie Bush Getting Heisman Back

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The Heisman Trust announced this morning that they will be reinstating Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy from 2005 citing “enormous changes” to the landscape of college football to justify their decision. And while this is great for Reggie Bush, the reality is that Bush only lost a trophy, but he was still drafted high and played for years in the NFL, while USC lost scholarships, a national title, Pete Carroll, and a took major hit to their reputation and recruiting. They are the ones who ultimately paid the price imposed by the NCAA and they haven’t gotten anything back.

Dan Patrick: “USC is the one that paid the price. I mean, Reggie Bush didn’t get a trophy; he still got drafted high, what, second pick overall? USC lost a lot. Scholarships, national title, Pete Carroll leaves; there was a lot attached to this and there are still a lot of USC people who are frosty over that.”